Who's That Girl?

Hello fellow dreamer!

I'm Christy Hydeck, often known as Chrysti. I am an artist. A writer, photographer & instructor. An all-around, all-american smartass. A dreamer, lover of nature & a big believer in miracles. I am an avid collector of words & I adore animals, children, whimsy and Most-Things-Odd. I am a most willing student of life and some say I am a purveyor of hope & a distributor of kindness.

I am an incurable optimist. I immerse myself in the wondrous magic that creativity offers & my life is richer because of it. I delight in simple pleasures. I look for the extraordinary in the ordinary & I whole heartedly believe in possibilities.

Won't you join me? Come, see this beautiful world ...this vast dreamscape, through my eyes.

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