"Chrysti’s work is filled with heart and insight. The pieces that I have of hers have a life all their own. They’re soulful. They make you think. They make you smile. They speak volumes to her endless talents and her fearless embrace of creative expression and nature. She’s generous and enthusiastic with it all and it’s refreshing. Capture what you can, people!" Michele Beschen, Host of B Creative, and B Organic
"Chrysti has such a glorious eye for the beautiful aspects of her world. Her work exudes emotion and comes from a very special place within her heart." - Susan Tuttle, Author & Artist
"I was absolutely blown away by Chrysti's amazingly obvious talent. She has such a wonderful touch to what she creates. I would believe it if she said she has magic in her fingers... It makes perfect sense. Chrysti is richly blessed with an entrancing style of art. I deeply respect her." - Emily from Catonsville, USA

"Chrysti is one talented artist! Her works just become more and more amazing! She has got tons of energy and it just rubs off on everyone, not only with her art but in her enthusiasm and jumps starts creativity and inspiration in many! Love her and her art to pieces! :)" -Nancy Baumiller
"This print (Journey to Greatness) was even more gorgeous in person than on the site. It makes me happy every time I see it. I'm looking forward to collecting more of Chrysti's work!"- Paulette Beete

"This contemporary, intriguing image is absolutely dazzling! The metallic paper gives it a 3-d quality, but not the cheesy kind - its brilliance and depth draws me into its essence. Love it, and the gracious artist/seller got it to me lightning-quick (ordered Saturday, delivered Monday)! Highly recommended shop!!" -Martha Muskavitch
"Chrysti finds and captures the magic in her subjects, and shares that magic with us." -- Rebecca Carpenter
""Stunning! I love it and can't wait to hang it on my wall! Thank you for your awesome service (and free gift :-)) !!! "-Paulette Beete
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